Machine knives: 509-540-612
Kabob slicer blades: 690-630-690
Laser Cutting: 501-456-075
Machine Knives

Our company provides a large diversity of products . We make blades and knives for many various businesses sectors and for different machines.

In our product offer you can find:

  • Miller blades
  • Crusher blades
  • Compactor blades
  • Granulator blades
  • Kabob slicer blades
  • Injection-molding machine blades
  • Extruder blades
  • Parcel machine blades
  • Welder Blades
  • Sickle bar mower blades
  • Blanking tools
  • Guillotine blades
  • Saw blades
  • Punches
  • Granulator tips
  • Machine parts
  • Special tools
  • Parts for individual orders

We produce blades for companies such as: Alpine, Ari, Bano, Bezner, Bandit, Bangioanni, BMH, CMB, Dipre, EWD, Bruks, Capital, CAE, Cumberlanr, Diemer, Dreher, Erema, Fuji Kogyo, Gross, Herbold, Hombak, Jenz, Linck, Mitts Merrill, Morbark, Rapid, Segem, Schenck, SG, Scoiner, Tecnova, Tria, Trymet, TPA, Untha, Vecoplan, Weima, Wurster, Weiss.

All our machine blades are made of high-quality types of steel which is subjected to various treatments for strengthening.

We offer polish products of good quality and low pricing. They are made with reliable precision and they meet the highest global standards.

We produce details based on:

  • Technical documentation
  • The sketch
  • The blueprint
  • Example product (even a damaged one)