Machine knives: 509-540-612
Kabob slicer blades: 690-630-690
Laser Cutting: 501-456-075
About us



Company RADFORM was established in 2004 in Kalisz. The Company owner is MSc Radosław Nowak, whose education & experience became a solid foundation to the companies functioning.

Our goal is to ensure a dynamic and solid position in the metal processing market. We want to become a fair competition in the fields of price and quality of the released products.

The specifics of our field require deep knowledge and precision in producing the finest details. Especially important is the precision in the making of angles and toothed profiles, hence all our efforts are done to meet your expectations. We make blades and knives on individual orders according to your individual specifications. We provide support and advice in the choice of materials and all the parameters of processing.


We do our best to introduce technological innovations and therefore modify and improve our machine park so as to regularly provide new products in our stock.

"Listening to the voice of customers should be the business of every company."

~ Tom Peters